Battle of Britain Anniversary Day Photography by Andrew Weller
Battle of Britain Anniversary Day

Battle of Britain Anniversary Day

As a general photographer I’m always looking for inspiration for new photographs to take whether it is landscapes, still life or portraits I’m always ready for that something special that could be just around the corner.


The 15 September 2010 was the 70th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain where we remember those who took part in one of the key campaigns which helped win the Second World War. With an invitation from a company Action Stations a Division of A4A Ltd, that offers Flights with a Spitfire experiences I was going to remember this day in a very unique way.


Blue Skies

Wednesday the 15th was a bright sunny day, blue skies with the occasional white fluffy cloud racing across the sky apparently exactly how it was 70 years ago.


At 11.10am a small group of us boarded a jet ranger helicopter and took off from a field behind a hotel at St Margarets at Cliffe, Kent. As we hovered over the South Forelands Jet Ranger Helicopterlighthouse moving towards the English Channel it seemed like from nowhere we were joined by an MK Vb Spitfire one of only 26 still flying, flown by Flt Lt Charlie Brown.

As a photographer being given the chance to take aerial photographs was just an amazing opportunity alone but to have probably one of the greatest ever flying machines flying side by side was just a once in a lifetime experience and something I will remember for a very long time.


Our flight path was to follow the White Cliffs Country through St Margarets, Dover and Folkestone. Throughout the flight the MK Vb Spitfire demonstrated amazing aerobatics circling around the jet ranger with varying speeds you could clearly see why this incredibly designed flying machine was so effective during the Battle of Britain.


What made this flight special was on many occasions the Spitfire would pull in close to our helicopter close enough so you could see the rivets and bolts which held it all together and the pilot smiling to our pilot acknowledging he was there.


We finally reached Folkestone and circled around Capel le Ferne where there was a service taking place at the Battle of Britain Memorial for the 70th anniversary. The Mk Vb Spitfire gracefully gave a salute by tipping his wings as he flew by.

We headed back along the Whites cliffs path the Spitfire still performing but unfortunately all good things come to an end and we landed back at St Margarets and the Spitfire flew off into the distance.

Photographs for Sale

During the flight I was able to take a series of photographs including the MK Vb Spitfire in action and also a few landscape photographs of the White Cliffs of Dover. These photographs are for sale and would make an excellent edtion to an existing Spitfire photograph collection or for a birthday or Christmas present.

All Photographs are printed on 270 gm matte A4 or A3 photo paper individually printed from the original image with amazing detail. Please visit my gallery page for more details.

MK Vb Spitfire Photograph
Mk Vb Spitfire
Flying towards South Forelands Lighthouse
Flying towards South Forelands Lighthouse
Flying Close
Flying Close
MK Vb Spitfire in flight

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